Friday, July 30, 2010

Would you like to vote fur kitteh art?

Hi furiends. Mom is in an online art show for the Canine Art Guild. Dis particular show is kitteh art! There is a vote fur People's Choice Award.

Mom would appreciate your vote. Of course, with all the wonderful art entered, if you see one you really love more, mom wants you to vote your conscience, BOL!

With 6 pages of art, mom says it's hard fur her to pick a favorite, and she's honored to be included.

At the bottom of the page you just have to enter your name and email, to make it fair so people don't vote more than once:

Mom says thank you fur your consideration.

I say, have a great weekend evfurrybody!!!

Cloud and his mom

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I went backpacking!

Since we had a little break from the heat wave on Saturday, mom and dad decided to go on an overnight backpacking trip to a nature area not far from our home. We live in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa, which are furry beautiful and furry steep... especially if you have short legs like moi. But mom said I did GREAT!

After we hiked to our campsite and set up the tent, we hiked around some more.
Here I am hiking wiff dad:

We went fur a walk in the clouds, BOL!

Look at the view!

I'm so happy!

After the hike, I rested in the tent. I also learned what a "tick check" is. Boo!

I got a tired and had to take a nap...

Dis was the view from our tent!

And dis was the view on the other side:

Pretty, huh? Mom loves these hills.

Here is a picture mom took the next day:

"Hellooooo ladies..."


I had a lot of fun camping. If anyone wants to read more about the Loess Hills, click here. They are furry unique!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cloud's Imagination

Come wiff me
And you'll be
In a world
Of Cloud's imagination

Squirrels to chase
Birds that fly
And cats
Bow down whenever dogs walk by...

We'll begin, wiff a spin
In a world
Of Cloud's imagination

Catch your tail,
the first try
Then spin around so fast
You start to fly

If you want to view Paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to catch a squirrel? There's nothing to it...

There is no life I know
To compare wiff Cloud's imagination
Living there, you can play
And go fur car rides to the park each day

If you want to view Paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want steak and peanut butter? There's nothing to it...

By Cloud, (wiff apologies to Willy Wonka, BOL!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My kitteh sister is 17 years old dis month!

Can you believe my sister Boomer is 17? Mom says she will probably outlive us all because she shows no sign of slowing down. She still gallops around the house, acts like she owns the place and thinks she is the Queen of the Universe.

She commandeered the box in the above photo a few weeks ago when mom re-did her files. She loves that box and lays in it all the time and would be furry sad if mom took it away. So mom let her keep it. It doesn't look furry comfurtable to me, but we all know cats are just weird...

Boomer is a slim and trim 7 pounds, has emerald eyes, and packs a mean right hook. She can bop you on the head like nobodies business! Mom says she is "berry bootiful."

Boomer LOVES to take naps!

When she is awake she is usually giving me dirty looks like dis:

Doesn't she know you catch more flies wiff honey...?

Happy Berfday to Boomer, the Queen of the Universe and Bopper of Heads!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Three Things...

Three things on dis Monday:

Number One - VIVA ESPANA!!! Mom was sooooo happy when they won the World Cup! It was Spain's first time ever being in the final. You could see how much it meant to them. Mom was all choked up seeing her beloved Iker crying for joy when it was over, and the emotion on his face as he held the gold trophy over his head. What a moment! What a game! What a team!

Some highlight shots. Flying Iker:

Iker makes a huge save:

The winning goal by Iniesta!

Mom has watched dis video of Iker kissing his reporter girlfriend about 100 times dis morning. She keeps saying "awwwww..."

Congrats to the Dutch for their spectacular tournament as well.

And congrats to South Africa, for sharing your beautiful country wiff the world and being such incredible hosts!

The other two things are, the baffroom remodel is going well, but with an older house you always run into problems you didn't expect. But it's coming along and is a little over half way done. Some of you have asked if my pawrents were using the outside fur their baffroom like I do, but no. There is a small baffroom in the basement.

The Third thing is, I don't think Tank's plan to mail all the squirrels to the Squirrel Cage Jail here in town will work. The people in my town are completely crazy. They love their squirrels and the town is somewhat famous for them because a lot of them are black. A black squirrel is the town mascot. It's even against the law to harm or harass a black squirrel here. They would never agree to lock them up, even if the jail clearly says SQUIRREL on it! I'll write a separate post about it soon. From a dogs point of view, it's truly messed up.

Well, that's it fur now. Mom needs the computer back.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Remodeling, Flower Friday, and some cuteness...

Mom and dad are in the middle of a total remodel of the baffroom. Remodeling means that mom and dad talk about things like subfloors and center lines, the toilet and sink are in the spare room but you can't use them, and mom can't take me fur a walk right now because she has to go to Home Depot again.

It also means there are lots of loud noises and power tools. I try to stay out of the way, but sometimes I come in to snoopervise.

Mom did get some pics fur my blog today, when I reminded her my last post was a whole week ago!

Fur Flower Friday, I'd like to show the blooming Hostas. They are going crazy wiff all the rain we've had. Aren't they pretty? Hostas are one of my favorite plants to pee on.

And here are just some pics of me being cute:

Sorry we haven't been around much this week. Know that we are thinking of you and hope evfurryone has a wonderful weekend!


PS. Spain is in the final fur the World Cup on Sunday!!! Spain has never ever been to a World Cup final before. Mom is furry happy, BOL!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unity in Diversity - More Spain

Hi furiends! For dis Unity in Diversity World Cup post, mom is going to try to talk about Spain without mentioning their furry handsome goalie. I seriously doubt that she can make it through a whole post, but I'm willing to give her a chance.

(Do you see the soccer ball in dis picture??)

Mom visited Southern Spain in 2005, and her First Impression was that of beauty, and it stayed wiff her the whole trip. The colorful buildings, the cascading flowers, the food, the people... it was truly a feast fur the eyes.

There was a lime tree going outside mom and dad's hotel room. Mom thought that was just the neatest thing:

The food in Spain was just incredible! Mom wishes she had taken some pictures of it, but either didn't have the camera at the time, or just didn't think about it. But there was ham that was cured in the fresh mountain air for a year and then sliced paper thin. Fresh seafood and vegetables. The best steak she ever had, and Paella from a small restaurant that had to be ordered the night before so the restaurant owner could go to the sea the next morning and catch the seafood himself, and take it to his mother, who prepared it fresh for the evening meal. OMD!!!

Dis is the famous Cathedral of Seville. It was breathtaking inside and out!

Just a fun street scene. Mom loves horses...

Mom said she noticed a great sense of pride among the people, pride in who they were, what they were doing, and pride in their heritage and country. Fashion also seemed to be furry important in Spain, because most of the people looked like they had stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Mom said that people brought their dogs into the cafe's and restaurants!! The dogs were furry well behaved. That sounds like a furry wonderful place to me!!

Mom didn't go here, but she had to take a picture. She says dis is fur my kitteh friends:

**waves at Madi**

Do you know what that dark mountain in the distance is?? It's Africa! Dis picture was taken in Gibraltar, and Africa was only 17 miles away. Mom waved at it, and said she would visit someday...

Boomer has her paws crossed fur Spain, who are playing in the quarterfinals on Saturday:

Rah. Go Spain.

Don't stare too long into those eyes... she may turn you to stone. Or at least bop you on the head... BOL!

And here is just a weird picture of me running. I don't know why mom wants to show it, but whatever, mom...

If you want to read more wonderful Unity in Diversity posts, click here. Maxmom has them listed on the side. I love learning about other countries, don't you? :-)


PS. Mom says don't furget the real reason to watch the game Saturday...

Well, she almost made it though a whole post. ;-)