Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hellooooo out there......

Well pups, kittehs, and humans, here it is almost Feb of 2011 and I'm not sure how I lost control of dis blog, but it happened somewhere in the last few months. It's all moms fault, of course. Since she switched from acrylic to oil paint a few months ago, she's very focused on her art.

Well, that means lots more studio time as well as new art groups and weekly goings on. There are only so many hours in a day. So now mom is in a conundrum with what to do with my blog.

We are so sorry we haven't been keeping up wiff our friends blogs. We hope you are all doing well. We think of you guys often, and will try to stop by now and then to see what you're up to. I will try not to let months go by without checking in again.

I've been fine. Doing lots of THIS lately:

Yes, that's me hanging out in my Marfa bed watching mom paint. I look bored, BOL! I've also been having fun destuffing toys and playing tug, and of course, lots of cuddle time.

Boomer is fine. As fine as an almost 18 year old grouchy kitteh can be. She still bops me on the head when she gets the chance.

Mom is on facebook if anyone wants to send her a friend request. It's easier for her to keep up with things that way.

Belated Happy New Year, and I might as well wish everyone Happy Valentines Day in case I don't get back here in time, BOL! Especially to Miss Puddles, and my best kitteh Madi, and my man crush Tank, who is almost as suave as me.

Lots of love to evfurryone!

Cloud (and his blogging slacker mom)