Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower Friday, and I got a package!!!

Hi evfurrybody! Before I get to the flowers, I'm very excited to show you a package I got in the mail yesterday from my sweet, wonderful, beautiful friend Josie and her brofur Blues and their pawsome mom! I know most of you know Josie, but if you don't you should go check out her blog and get to know them. Josie and her mom are so kind and loving. Josie is a therapy dog, and she and her mom go places to help cheer people up who are sick or in need of a friend. Isn't that wonderful? We love Josie and her mom furry, furry much!

Mom took the package outside so she could get good pictures. I walked around the box sniffing it until mom opened it fur me...

OMD, it's a SQUIRREL!!!



Mom loves dis picture...

I think the squirrel is subdued for now...

Next, mom pulled out a beautiful card!
Look how pretty it is!

Mom says, "Cloud, come here and look at this!"
I was busy...

But there's something else in the box! What could it be???

OMD, it's a CHIPMUNK!!!

I made him squeak!

I loved my chipmunk so much, I just stood there holding it...

Until mom said to look in the box again...


While I was playing wiff my green elephant, mom saw another present in the box. It was a beautiful necklace fur her!!! Mom was so overwhelmed by dis sweet gift!

Meanwhile, I was busy putting my toys in a pile.

These are my most favoritest toys in the whole world!!!

I love squeaky stuffies! Thank you so much Josie!!!

Here is a picture of me wiff my green elephant, and mom wiff her necklace. She likes it so much she put it as her facebook pic. She likes dis picture because she looks about 12. Trust me, she hasn't seen 12 in a long time, BOL!

Thank you so much, Josie and Mr. B and your mommy! We love you so furry much!!!

Now, here are a few flower pics from the yard. Do you see me in the first one?

Close up:

Dis Robin says "Hello. Have a happy weekend!"

I say it, too! Happy weekend, evfurryone!


PS. Mom is so worn out putting together dis post she may not blog again fur a week, BOL!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OMD, guess what today is!!

Today is my 100th post!!! WooHoo, how exciting!!!

I started dis blog on July 3, 2009 just fur fun. Mom thought I deserved my own blog, since I kept making appearances on hers. I had no idea how many new friends I would make, or how much fun it would be, and the love that abounds in the pet blog community! Thank you everyone fur making me feel so welcome, and so loved...!

In honor of my 100th post, I will leave you with a few pictures of cuteness from the last year. Some of you may not have seen these before. But even if you have, cute pictures are always good to revisit...

Black and white cuteness. (Ears!!!)

So, so true... mom can't resist it. ;-)


I really do! :-)

Cloud, who is looking forward to his next 100 posts!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flower Friday!

Hi evfurrybody! Here are pics from the yard today...


White Lilac (it just got done raining...)

Purple lilacs are just starting to open...

The grape vine looks pretty...

Dis guy came up all on it's own...

As pretty as these flowers are...

They aren't as pretty as ME!!!

Have a great weekend, friends!
Don't forget to smell the flowers...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photos from a rainy day...

Looking out the window...

Being cute fur mom...

Handsome chin whiskers...

View from the front window...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Friday, and I got a card!

Hi friends! I'm happy to show some flowers in our yard fur Flower Friday. The first one is from the Weeping Cherry tree. It was covered wiff flowers, but a strong wind came and blew most of them away! Mom managed to get a nice picture of these guys who hung on.

(Mom is glad to be able to see it bloom, because she missed it last Spring as she was in Seattle and Vancouver when it bloomed. Of course, she got to see all of their lovely flowering trees, but she is happy to see dis one too!)

Next is some purple flowers that she doesn't know what they are. **Update - they are Vinca Minor. Thanks Josie!!** Mom says they are pretty. Dis is all the flowers that's blooming in our yard right now, but there should be tons more soon.

The prettiest picture of all, of course of is me patrolling the yard. Mom still hasn't done anything about those ground squirrels. She is going to try putting Boomer's used cat litter by the dens in hopes of scaring them away. It should work, because I've never smelled anything scarier than what comes out of Boomer's litter box, BOL!

And guess what??? I got a card from my good furiends the Houston Pittie Pack! Look at what they made fur me!! See how happy I am? I'm so furry proud to sit by dis card.




Thank you Pibbles and Littles... it made me feel furry special!

Have a happy weekend, evfuryone!!!!