Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Visitors are still here!

Hi evfurryone! Well, my visitors are still here. Thank you guys fur all the kind words about grandma and grandpa. They are fine, although grandma did have to stay overnight in the hospital. Their trailer was totaled, I guess those things aren't meant to slide down the road on their sides, but they got to buy a new one and are loading it up before they go back on the road. So we still has the pets fur another day or so.

As you can see, I am furry well, and even more handsome. Hey Puddles, check out my muskles!

Oy is still furry cute, according to mom. She says he must be cute according to me too, because I have started humping him. Jeez, mom!! That's only to put the little twerp in his place and show him he's living in Cloud's World!

Boomer is still crazy, BOL. She is a ball of fire!

Here is a picture of her peeing, to get back at her fur all the times she's knocked me over and hit me in the eyes wiff her waggy tail, BOL!:

But we are getting along better. Here we are conspiring amongst the Hostas...

Our Boomer is doing dis right now. She's not crazy about the visitors and wants to hang out on mom's desk where they can't reach her. Miss Kitty is still living downstairs. Boomer HATES other cats, and is stressed and grouchy enough already, so mom thought it was best to keep her and Miss Kitty separate while she is here.

I wonder if I'll miss them when they're gone??

Well, that's all fur now.