Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh My Dog, it's my Berfday!!!

Today is the day of my berf! I am 9 years old today. 9 years ago, baby Cloud came into the world to make it a cuter and suaver place, and to strike terror in the hearts of squirrels everywhere.

Mom says we get to go to PetSmart today fur some new toys!

I also got my big berfday spoon of peanut butter!!

Mom says she can't believe I'm 9 years old already... The time goes by so fast. Sometimes she gets sad when she sees how grey my muzzle is getting.

Would you rather I HIDE???

Have you ever heard of George Clooney? The Silver Fox?
Besides, only humans think about things like growing old...

Life is fur living! Fur being happy and playing!

Life is fur loving. So hug your family and furiends.

Wishing evfurryone a wonderful day!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Friday, and the back of my head...

Hi furiends! Just a real quick post today. Mom's been super busy all week working on a project, so our second Unity in Diversity World Cup soccer post will have to wait til next week.

Here is a pretty lily in the back yard.

And dis is something that my mom is crazy about. It's the back of my head. I know, she's kind of weird, right? She says the back of my head and ears are "unbelievably cute" to her.

BOL, I told you she was weird..!

My profile's not too bad, either...

Have a wonderful weekend, evfurrybody!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flower Friday on Sunday!

Hi evfurryone! Mom took some pictures Friday but didn't have a chance to post them until today. First are some pics of what's going on in the yard...

Mom LOVES hummingbirds! They are at the feeder all day...

Time to lie down fur a sunbathe...


Enough wiff the camera, mom!

I heard something.

Head tilt.

WHAT??? Why you keep taking pictures?

It's not easy being dis good looking. The athletic physique, the rippling muscles, the shiny fur, the approachable yet formidable gaze...

Yep. It's hard work being dis suave...

Time fur a nap...


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why we are cheering for Spain in the World Cup

One word. Iker Casillas. Ok, that's two words. He is the goalie fur Spain and my mom has been sort of in love wiff him since we watched the World Cup four years ago. Well, another reason she likes Spain is because she visited Spain five years ago and loved it!

Iker is the one in blue:

Iker is a furry good goalie.

And most photogenic, too. Oh my...

Oh dear...

No matter what angle...

We give Iker thumbs up!!!


Ok mom, I think everybuddy gets the idea.

Yeah, yeah, he's furry handsome, we know!!

Oh, come on now mom!! Dis is not acceptable!!
Who's blog is dis, anyway???

Oh brother, my mom just fainted. Are you ok, mom? Iker is asking how many fingers is he holding up..?

And another thumbs up for Iker!


So now you know the real reason my mom cheers fur Spain. I like it when mom is happy, so I cheer fur them too. Although I'm kind of embarrassed that mom posted these pictures on MY blog, but what can I do? She is the one wiff the thumbs!

Look mom, I has a nice head shot too.

I may have short legs, and my head might be shaped like a lightbulb, but I'm a lot more handsome than Mr. Casillas. Can he beat my ears?? I didn't think so...

I've got the puppy dog eyes down to a T...


PS. Next week mom will post some pictures from her trip to Spain.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look what was in my yard!!!

A few days ago, mom was making dinner and thought, "why am I hearing a turkey?" and then looked out the window and saw THIS and ran to get the camera!

I know a lot of people have wild turkeys in their yards all the time, but this is the first time in the 2 years we've lived here that I've seen one in our neighborhood (although there are plenty in the fields near us) let alone, that it came over our 6 foot fence!

I was barking like crazy, and REALLY wanted to go outside and chase it. Mom made me go sit on the sofa, even though I REALLY didn't want to. Can you believe it?!? :-(

She just took pictures of it walking around, while it CLEARLY is saying here, "Cloud! PLEASE come outside and chase me around the yard. It will be SO much fun..."

And there I was, stuck on the sofa during dis once in a lifetime moment...

Not cool, mom. Not cool...

Finally, the turkey had enough walking around and flew over the fence.

Mom says wild turkeys are very beautiful and intelligent birds and are fun to watch. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...
The good news is, she said if we start being invaded by wild turkeys and they become a pest, then I will be allowed to go outside and scare them away. But for now, dis one got a free pass.



Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm still here!!!

OMD, I'm so embarrassed that it's been so long since I've posted, and that I've hardly been able to comment on any of my friends blogs. Mom and I feel really bad about that, especially since we appreciate it when friends take the time to comment on ours. It's just such a busy time of year right now. Mom says we will try to stop by some blogs to say hi dis afternoon...

See how sad I look...

Do you forgive me???

Mom and I are doing great, (except for an accident where mom got poked in the eye by a branch and tore out a chunk of her cornea last week. OUCH!! The good news is it's healed up just fine!)

Here are some pictures from today of me playing in the yard. Here I am doing squirrel patrol by keeping squirrels off the fence:


Patrolling/being cute:

And this is just a weird picture mom took of me shaking with my tongue sticking out. BOL, I look crazy!

Have a wonderful day, evfurryone!