Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick update, wiff VIDEO

Hi everyone! Dis is just a quick post because Mom's been SO BUSY, which is why we haven't been around much. I really don't understand, because helping me type is really important, (as anyone wiffout thumbs knows), more important than anything else I can think of, except playing and walks and cuddling wiff me.

In dis video, you will want to look fur these video highlights:


I peek around the island after mom lets me inside, to make sure she's following me.

Extreme cuteness.

Toy carnage on the floor.

And a WINK at the very end!


PS. Music is Brandenburg Concerto #1, by Johann Sebastian Bark. They don't call me Cloud Suave fur nothin,' baby!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I can do dis!!!

I can survive the worst winter in 30 years. So what if I haven't seen bare ground in going on 3 months! So what if I have a nekkid belly! I are a Wonder Dog.

I have:

Steely Resolve.
Gritty Determination.
Unwavering focus.

And unending cuteness...
I'm a Terrier, fur barking out loud. We can do anyfing!!!

What did Tank tell me? Oh yeah, Be like a Sibe...

Be like a Sibe...

Be like a Sibe...

I am one wiff the snow, I am one wiff the snow, I am one wiff the snow...

I have achieved oneness wiff snow.

What are you looking at????



PS. Mom is really impressed wiff my new found tolerance of the snow.
PPS. We are behind on reading blogs, sorry we haven't been around much lately!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My special day wiff MAXDOG!

My dear friend Max from South Africa came to visit me during his world tour! I was so excited!!! The love and joy and friendship and inspiration Max and his mom share through his blog mean so much to us. We love them very much!

When Max got here, I had to show him my yard. First, I taught him how to snowwalk. Look at him, he's a natural!

Then I showed him how you can stick your nose down into the snowy weeds and sniff to find some enemy mice. He didn't seem as interested in dis activity as I did. In fact, he just smiled politely and nodded.

Guess what happened next - WE CAUGHT GIGANTOR THE SQUIRREL!!! Teamwork, baby! That's what I was missing, it was too hard to catch him on my own, I needed my buddy Maxdog to help me! BOL, I look hungry...

We had a grand time playing outside. But soon we were cold and tired and wanted to come inside and rest before Max had to continue on his tour. It was wonderful to snuggle wiff my dear, sweet friend before he had to go.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dis what I think of cold and snow. And to make things worse, more Boomer

I can't help it.... We've been buried under snow fur TWO MONTHS STRAIGHT!!!

I furgot what the ground looks like! Is it really still there under all dis snow??? Mom says Spring will be here soon, but I'm beginning to have my doubts...

I'm sorry if my pictures last week of Boomer left any dawgs shaken up or traumatized in any way. I'm just keepin' it real. Dis what I have to live wiff. Dis is the reality, people! Just be glad you don't have to share your mom wiff the Queen of the Universe. To answer a few questions and comments about Miss Grouchypants:

Miss Ali Z says Boomer probably plans to live to at least 25 just so she can continue to bop me on the head.

Ali, my mom has always said that Boomer plans to outlive us all. At 16 and a half, Boomer still gallops around the house and acts very youthful while she's bopping me on the head.

Tank said he was more than traumatized by the pics of Boomer and almost kicked the bucket!

Tank, I don't think there should EVER be ANY Boomer posts on MY blog. I'll try to work on mom to make sure it doesn't happen again. At least there's no pictures dis time. I'm grateful fur that...

Madi says "If Boomer ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Madi, that's the rule in dis house - Boomer always gets first dibs on licking the bowl after mom or dad has ice cream or something else yummy. I have to SIT AND WATCH til she's done!!! She also gets to kick me off moms lap. Not fair at all, but mom says a 16 year old cat can have anything she wants. >:-/

Martine and Twink, it's totally unfair the cat abuse we dawgs have to put up wiff!

Josie says she gets along wiff cats.

Hmmm... Josie, maybe you can tell me your secret fur getting along wiff cats. I'm out of ideas. I very nicely lay down next to Boomer yesterday and she got up and walked away! I was crushed! Not really, cuz now I had the heater vent all to myself... (And thanks fur all your kind words, Josie.)

OP Pack wants to know how Boomer got her name.

Guys, Boomer is named after DIS GUY! BOL, BOL, BOL!!! (Mom has been a Bengals fan since jr. high school.)

Well, that's all fur now!


PS. Thanks fur all the nice comments everyone left on my post about Benny earlier dis week.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

For the Love

For the love, I sing to you
For the love, I touch your face
For the love, I give you me
And your eyes they shine with grace

For the love, you lay your head
Upon my lap and sigh
For the love, you give me you
Until the day you die

For the love is worth
any amount of pain
You are always here with me
In my heart you will remain

My mom wrote dis poem and wants to dedicate dis post to all the special ones who have gone to the Bridge to wait fur their families. One year ago, Feb 9th 2009, my brudder Benny went to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom misses her sweet and gentle friend, and I miss snuggling wiff my brudder and humping him when mom gave him more attention than me. Well, is true! I'm little, but I was Top Dog, baby!

Here's a picture of me and the Old Man, Benny Bean.

Here is Benny when he was a young pup, 5 months old:

He was mom's sweet boy for 14 years:

He loved to lay outside and feel the warm breeze...

Our dear fried Max's mom wrote a wonderful post about the importance of having pictures taken wiff our moms and dads. In honor of Max, we wanted to share a picture of me and mom taken last summer:

And here is a picture of mom wiff Benny.

We love you Benny. Always.

Benny Bean, Nov. 28th 1994 - Feb. 9th 2009

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The many faces of Boomer

Some of you may not know my sister kitteh Boomer, AKA The Queen of the Universe. She is 16 going on 17. Grouchy. No sense of humor. Always kicking me off mom's lap or bopping me on the head fur NO GOOD REASON!

(Some of you may bring up the fact dat I tried to hump Boomer last year. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was just trying to be "top dog.")

My mom says she is "Berry Bootiful," and "The Most Bootiful Girl in the World," and tells her every day! Me, I don't see it, but whatever, mom.

Here is Boomer finking about how much she loves me, BOL!!!

Ok, not really. She is probably finking about how much fun it is to walk on me when I'm under the covers and den bopping me when I stick my head out!

She really seems to love mom, though. She follows her around all the time.

If she didn't hiss at me and bop me when I try to play wiff her, I guess she'd be all right...

And here's a picture of me, just in case any dogs were traumatized by all those pictures of Boomer. BOL!

Cloud, still praying fur Max

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekly SQUEE!!!

Dis my picture fur Weekly Squee. I hope you guys like it.

Please say a prayer fur our friend Max in South Africa. We luv him so and it makes us sad he isn't doing well. This hits home, because Mom's been thinking about my brudder Benny a lot lately. One week from today it will be one year since he went to the Bridge.

I tell my mom not to be sad, but to remember all the love and good times, and to enjoy all the good things around us today. These are what's important. The sun is shining, spring will be here soon, and love never dies.

Luv to all,