Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got a Thundershirt!!!

Since we moved to dis house on top of the highest hill around, I've developed a terrible fear of thunder. I know, I know... You say, "Cloud, you're a Wonder Dog. How can YOU be skeered of thunder???"

Well now, Superman has kryptonite, Cloud has thunder. The end.

Some of you may remember my very first poem that I wrote waaaaaay back when I started my blog. I'll give you a hint. It was about thunder.

Seriously, the thunder is twice as loud at this house as our old one in town. It rattles the windows. It splits the sky. It chills me to my bones. My real bones, not my toy ones.

So mom read about dis thing called a Thundershirt, and how it helps dogs be less scared of thunder by putting gentle pressure on their torso, like a constant hug.

Hmmm...I like hugs!

We went outside fur to take some good photos of it.
Here I am looking very suave:

I LOVE my Thundershirt!!! Look at me, I look INVINCIBLE!!!

I'm multi-tasking - looking cute and focusing on something at the same time!!

I see you!!!

"How YOU doin'..??"

Cloud Suave is on the loose. Easy now, grrrrls... ;-)

We haven't had a thunderstorm yet, but I'll give a report on my thundershirt when we do.

Cloud the Brave, no matter what he's wearing. Except in a thunderstorm. Until now.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Max Project

To all those who were involved in The Max Project, a huge


For anyone who's interested, my mom posted about Max in South Africa's painting on her blog today for those who want to read the story behind it.

We're so happy and excited, and we love all our blogging friends!!!

Cloud and his mom

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hows about a nice big bowl of SQUIRREL???

I know I want some!!!

Look at him, all served up in a nice big bowl of dirt! YUMMY!!!

You know a suave dog like me has the finest gourmet tastes!

Here I am on the lookout fur more squirrels...

Ever vigilant, always alert fur the enemy...

Don't worry mom, I will keep you safe from those evil creatures...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It feels like Spring!!

We finally had a day of sunshine! After weeks of cold and rain and overcast days, it was 50 degrees today!
See dis? Dis is the LAST of our snow! Yep, it's all gone. Even dis pile has melted away since mom took the picture earlier today. And tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees!!! Smell ya later, winter!!!

Sunny days are good fur running outside.

And good fur posing fur mom and the camera.
(Mom says the camera loves me. Well of course it does! I mean, why wouldn't it..?)

Sunny days are good fur checkin' the treetops fur enemy squirrels...

And good fur lookin' cute by the woodpile.

**excuse mom while she "squees..."**

In other news, I've been tagged by my good furiend Olive. So I'm supposed to show the 10th photo in my file and tell you about it...

Well folks, I'm stunned and disappointed to report that the 10th photo is none other than a squirrel. Not just any squirrel, but Gigantor! If you missed it, you can read about him here.

Well, that's all fur now. Hope everyone is enjoying nice weather. I also hope no one was traumatized by the above photo. It's a reminder to all dogs that the War on Squirrels is serious business. Bark on, my brothers and sisters. Bark on.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's really melting!!!! (squee included!)

Hi furiends! The last time I blogged, I showed you dat here in SiberIA, my yard still looked like dis, wiff only a tiny little bare patch of ground where the snow had melted.

By the next day, the bare patch had started to grow:

Over the next few days it grew some more!

Til it looks like DIS!!!

My yard is a glorious, soggy, MESS!!!

Much easier fur jumpin'!

Green things starting to grow...

Last chance at Snowwalking. (Dis drift was 4 feet tall a couple weeks ago!)

Mom's garden stuff is a mess, BOL!
So much out here fur me to patrol, I'm in a hurry!

I always have the time to look cute, though.
It's what I do...

Cloud the Wonder Dog.
Saving the world through Suaveness and Squees.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Look what I found!!!

OMD, you guys! Do you see it?
I almost forgot what it looked like...

BARE GROUND!!! Wiff NO SNOW on it!!!

Fur those of you who don't realize the momentousness of dis, try to understand that my yard has been BURIED under deep, cold, nekkid belly freezing SNOW since the beginning of December 2009. THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT!!!

Dis little patch is the promise of Spring!
Of course the rest of my back yard still looks like DIS...

The two and three feet drifts will take a while to melt. Which lets me practice my Wonder Dog skills of Snowwalking.*

and Snowrunning...

See how deep dis snow is here? I didn't even fall through once!!


Ever popular T-Rex impression. (rawr)

Mom says it's warming up and the snow won't last much longer.
No more snow: no more snowwalking!

Yeah, yeah... it really breaks my heart!
Come on mom, lets go inside... my feets are freezing!!!


*(For those who don't know, Snowwalking is the feat of walking on top of ice-crusted snow and not falling through.)

PS. Mom still doesn't have the time to blog regularly, sorry we haven't been around much.