Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Monday, time fur Ask Cloud

Hi everyone! I am overwhelmed wiff the response of Ask Cloud. Thanks to all who asked so many great questions! Let's get right to it -

Madi the kitty asks: Hi Cloud, I love the idea....I'm a kitty.. and I like to be the first at everything so I'm going to ask the first Question: How did you get the name Cloud? I love it.

Hi Madi! Do you realize that along with asking the first question, you are also the first at something else? You are the first kitty who has ever been nice to me! I'm really not sure how to react to dis. You see, I always try to be nice and play wiff kitties, but they are never nice to me and it took a lot of research (as you will soon read) to find out why. Thank you fur the niceness. I know a few kitties who could learn a thing or two from you. Now on to your question. I was actually named after
dis guy named Cloud, who is a character in a video game and also starred in a movie based on the game. I can clearly see the resemblance, can't you?

JackDaddy asked: How do I teach my puppy not to eat the remote control for the tv?

That's easy JackDaddy. You need to sit down wiff him and read the manual together. Show him what the controls do, and how to turn the channel to Animal Planet. Discovery Channel and Nat Geo are pretty good too. DON'T show him the Food Network however, cuz that will jus make him hungry. Soon he will come to see the remote control as a wonderful object to treat wiff respect, since he can now choose what shows to watch. I hope dis helps. I also hope you like to watch those channels too.

Tank asked: How do I get my assistant to serve my dinner promptly at 5:00 p.m.? (I get very agitated if it's late)

Tank, my advice is to try training wiff PAWSITIVE REINFORCEMENT in dis situation. Whenever dinner is on time, do something your pawrents LOVE, like give them high five, or shake hands, or
wink and smile at them. Dis is a great motivator fur humans. When dinner is late, look them in the eye, look pointedly at the clock, and then IGNORE THEM!!! Not the food though. Eat that. But just be aloof around the pawrentals fur a while. Soon they should figure it out and be well trained. No need to get agitated. Everyone loves pawsitive reinforcement. No one likes a grouch. Good luck, buddy!

Ali Z. asks if I have ever had an original idea. And if so, what was it?

Well Miss Ali, I have many, many original ideas. Like the time I humped our cat Boomer to show her I was the boss of her (it didn't work!) And the time I barked at that guy who was riding a bike. And the time I launched myself down half a flight of stairs just so I could get to the bottom quicker. So you see, I'm full of original ideas, Miss Ali.
Of course, when you really think of it, after all dis time of life on earth, has ANYONE had an idea that someone hasn't thought of before??? It's certainly something to ponder... Please visit my dear furiend Miss Ali Z. at Stella's blog every Tuesday, to ask her questions and get advice from a kitties point of view. She is truly wise, albeit quite grouchy, yet we still love her. Remember, she is a cat and can't help it, as is proven by the next question:

Khyra want to know: why do cats have to be like that??

Dear Khyra, cats really can't help the way they are, it's in their genetic makeup. In other words, they are just wired dis way. I've been doing a lot of research
online, and from what I can tell, cats have abnormal DNA, in which their Niceness and Kindness genes have mutated such, that any kitty who actually IS nice (like Madi,) is now the anomaly.

Now then, we have a question from the definitive dog blog of Life Wiff Dogs. That Nigel Buggers is somethin' else, I tell you what! Mr. Author wants to know what it feels like when mom paints my portraits.

Well, I have mixed emotions about it. You see, it's great because even when she's not focusing all her attention on me, she IS focusing all her attention on me. But on the other hand, even though she's focusing all her attention on me, she's NOT focusing all her attention on ME. See what I mean? Oh, and the answer to your first question is 7. A woodchuck can chuck 7 woods. Thank you so much for writing.

is wondering: my pawrents are getting another little puppy next do I react to this??

Dory, you'd better bone up on your practice of sad faces, ASAP. There is no time to lose. Oh, I know you are absolutely adorable just as you are, but you really need to have something fur backup during those times when everyone is "oohing and ahhhing" over the new arrival. I learned after hanging out wiff Banjo. Puppies have the edge when it comes to raw cuteness, so you gotta be prepared. Also make sure to give your pawrents Big Smiles after they do pay attention to your sad face. Remember, guilt + pawsitive reinforcement can go a long way in these situations. Good luck Dory, let me know how that works out fur you.

wants to know, What do I do whilst mom is painting, and if I chase lizards.

Well Max, I've never seen a lizard around here. I'm starting to think I'm missing out on something here. Lizards sound like fun to chase, and certainly less evil then squirrels!

To answer your first question, I usually lie down on my pillow in moms studio and stare at her until she feels guilty and plays wiff me, or takes me fur a walk, or cuddles. Sometimes I jump around and whine if staring doesn't work fur attention. Sometimes I take a nap. Sometimes I go see what our cat Boomer is doing. I also take plenty of time to go on Squirrel Patrol.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly
want to know if I'd mind posting some of my raw food recipes.

Well guys, mom doesn't really mix together stuff, so we don't have recipes. We buy a meat/organ mixture from a grass fed (the healthiest kind of beef) farmer. I also get chicken necks a couple times a week fur minerals. Maybe a couple eggs a week. Mom gives me a few veggies when she is chopping them up fur dinner, but they are more like treats.

We will try to do a post about my diet soon, but my advice to anyone who wants to try it is, do a LOT of research before you start! There are different methods of raw feeding, and some (in our opinion) have way too much bone in them (like the BARF method.)

Dogster has a GREAT raw-diet forum in their forums section where you can read up raw food:

This thread in particular has lots of info:

All the information may be overwhelming at first, but once you make the transition and get in the groove of things, it's very rewarding and easier then you think. There are some pre-made raw foods like Natures Variety. They are more expensive, but it might be a good way to try it out and see how your pups like it.

My tips: NEVER mix raw and kibble together (they digest at different speeds and can lead to upset tummies,)
Start slow - do boneless meats for the first few days to get the digestive jucies used to raw.
NEVER buy meat that has been "enhanced" wiff 'water' or "a solution" - YUCK! (It made me throw up!)
Read, read, read! :-)

I'll try to post more about it soon. Thanks fur writing!

And finally, Twix wants to know if my mom paints other dogs or just me? And if I pose or does mom paint from a photo?

Well Twix, I can't sit still long enough fur that - sometimes 20 hours or more, BOL! So she uses photos to work from. And yes, she loves to paint other dogs - dis is my brother Benny. He went to the Bridge earlier dis year. We miss him so much, but his portrait feels like a part of him is still wiff us:

Here is a pretty pittie girl:

Dis is a pretty little rattie girl:

And dis is a beautiful wolf/white shepard cross:

Mom says her life won't be complete until she paints Nigel Buggers, BOL!

Thank you everyone fur your great questions. Dis was a lot of fun. If you have a question fur me, leave a comment and I will answer in next weeks Ask Cloud.

And don't forget, make it a good day - bark at a squirrel!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Squirrels are evil and I HAVE PROOF!!!

Dis my mom's truck. Look closely and you will see a SQUIRREL on the rear tire! It's bad enough that the little jerk either can't see the irony, or is making a mockery of all the squashed squirrels* on the road, but he's also clearly up to no good. Why else would a squirrel sit on a tire???

OMD, I was right! He's clearly TAMPERING WIFF MY MOM'S TRUCK!!!

What's he doing??? Sabotaging the brake lines? Trying to keep tabs on our whereabouts wiff an electronic transmitter thingy like in the movies? What???

BUSTED, you little twerp!!! Yeah that's right, I see you!

I swear he did an evil laugh as he jumped down and ran away!

Dis is serious! Dis clearly is squirrel terrorism. Has the War Against Squirrels come down to guerilla tactics? Be careful furiends, the squirrels are everywhere and we must be ever vigilant to protect our homes and families. You know our moms and dads don't take dis threat seriously, so it's up to us dawgs to protect them!!!

*Disclaimer - mom says she has never run over a squirrel and would feel bad if she did.

FEEL BAD??? Oh, COME ON mom! The proof of their evil ways is right here in front of you!!! *sigh*

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ask Cloud

Ok pups, humans, and the occasional kitty. What do you think of a weekly "Ask Cloud" feature on my blog? You leave a question fur me in the comment section on Mondays "Ask Cloud" post, and the next Monday I will answer them. You can ask questions about me, or ask fur advice, or even ask about the meaning of life.

I figure if a CAT can do dis, how hard can it be??? (Yeah, that's right Ali Z. I said it...) Dis will also appease Stella's (and Ali's) mom wiff more blog posts from yours truly, because she can't get enough of me, and plus she is a really cool lady (even wiffout that in her favor) and we luv her. Ali Z can't get enough of me either, but she will never admit to it. BOL!

Ok everyone, I'm doing butt wiggles because I'm really looking forward to your questions!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

For your viewing pleasure...

Dis a video mom took of me keeping the Evil Squirrel Army in line. Dis part of my job every day. Mom says it's also a good example of why she sometimes calls me 'Cloud Barker.' I don't know what the problem is, someone needs to tell those squirrels what's what!

* For the record, I'm a total couch potato inside. But outside I'm all business, baby!!

Check out my face during the slow-motion part, BOL!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday LOL

Dis kitty reminds me of Ali Z, except with more concern perhaps..? BOL!

Thanks everyone, for all the comments and suggestions on my ear photo post!
I luv you guys! :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gratuitous Ear Photos for contest...

So I keep hearing through my bloggy furiends about dis Ear-resistable Ear Contest from Chihuahuas Bentley and Lexus, see? Mom says I should enter, since I'm all about the ears. Sometimes people say, "Hey look, it's Cloud. And his ears." Like we are two separate entities or something... BOL! So mom took some photos and now she can't decide which one to enter in dis contest:

Munchkin Memoirs

My ears are always moving about, sometimes in different directions. See, I'm listening to mom wiff one ear, and listening fur signs of the enemy squirrel army wiff the other. One ear forward, the other one back...

First the right...

Then the left.


Sorry about that. My ears still look cute though, right?

It's true:

And at that moment I wanted a cookie...


So mom's still not sure which photo we should enter. Probably the first one. But maybe the fourth one. Or six. Or eight. Who do we appreciate? EARS! EARS! EARS!!!

Oh yeah...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm pouting..!

I'm pouting cuz mom's been busy and she told me she won't have as much time to help me type. She says I can still post the Wednesday LOL, and we'll try to do at least one other blog post a week. Hmph! Doesn't she know my blog should come before ALL OTHER THINGS! All other things besides playtime and cuddle time and food time, anyway...

Mom says I'll be ok, and would I rather cut back on playtime??? Well, NOOOOO! but we feel bad when we can't read and comment on our furiends blogs every day. We will stop by and comment when we can, and I hope you will still come visit me. I love all the wonderful new furiends I've made through blogging. Mom loves it too, but she says it's getting hard to keep up with it everyday. But we'll still be around, I promise!

Much love,