Friday, July 31, 2009

Help! My mom has a foot fetish!

How weird is that??? She likes to take pictures of my feet, for barking out loud!!! I'm just trying to have a nice nap on the sofa here, and she has to go on about my "Cute little Cloud feet..."

Well, now that I see these pictures, I guess they are pretty handsome, aren't they? BOL!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo shoot with mom...

"Lets take some pictures," mom said. "It'll be fun," mom said. So she sits me down on her lap for to take some "nice" pictures of the two of us. What does she think this is, sears pawtrait studio??? Does she want us to end up looking like these guys??? So I took matters into my own paws, and gave mom kisses.

Lots of kisses!

Dis my "Blue Steel" look.

And you know what? After all that silliness, mom says these are the best pictures ever! Of course they are... just leave everything to me...

Dis one's "Magnum," cuz I turned left. BOL!


Friday, July 24, 2009

In Which I Write a Poem About Thunder...

Ode to Thunder, by Cloud

Thunder, so loud.

Cloud, so scared.

I know I are a Wonder Dog,

But I want my mom.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

I picked these flowers for mom. Really!

And she got mad at me! Mad! At ME!!! Can you believe it??? I was out in the yard doing Wonder Dog stuff, when all the sudden this demented little rabbit starts running in front of me. So I chase it. I HAS A PREY DRIVE AND CANNOT SHUT IT OFF AT WILL, people! The evil creature ran RIGHT THROUGH moms flowers! Well of course I did too, I mean come on, how else am I going to catch it! So I made the flowers become airborne wiff the blur of my superpowered feet, which when you think about it, was probably a special treat for them, since flowers can't fly, BOL!

Mom was all, "OH CLOUD!!!" Which I took to mean, "Oh Cloud, my Precious One. Flowers for me??? You shouldn't have..." But no, that's NOT what she meant at all. I thought it was really insensitive of her, actually! :-/

In my defense, look at what that vile creature did to moms Burning Bush. (BOL, it's a plant! Get your minds outta da gutter!) He destroyed it! One day it was fine, now it looks like dis!

It used to have leafs on it. LEAFS! Lots and lots of leafs! Those rabbits have hearts of darkness, same as squirrels! I must be ever vigilant, for to defend my mom.

So here I am sitting in the sun, pretending to "think about what I've done," BOL! Mom can only ever be mad at me for like, 2 seconds. Now she's saying how pretty the flowers look on the table. Of course they do mom, they're from me... :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

I've been Awarded Awards, BOL!

I'm getting caught up on posting some awards after resting up from my big meetup the other day. Wow, I'm so honored and humbled (as humble as a terrier can be, anyway) at the warm welcome I've been given into the blogging world. Thank you furiends. I'm getting a little verklempt here... give me a minute...

Ok, that's better. I just had something in my eye, really... BOL!

So. I was awarded the Kreative Blogger award from My hero Dr. Dre (do yourself a favor and visit his blog), Brodie and Ailsa (two very cool Ridgies), AND the Honest Scrap award from the lovely and sweet Sugar! Thank you so much, you guys! :-)

So wiff both awards I'm supposed to list things you may not know about me. Lets see...

1. I was named after a video game character.

2. After I gut my stuffies, I like to turn them inside out, even the arms and legs!

3. I like to peel the membrane from the inside of egg shells and spit it out. It's just one of my interesting hobbies.

4. Once I ate a whole blob of wasabi paste off of moms plate. No big deal! I are a Wonder Dog and can handle the heat!

5. I get 3 times as many christmas cards as my mom!

6. One day I pushed open the bathroom door and jumped on moms lap while she was "busy." Dad said something about "maybe it's time to cut the cord..." Whatever that means. >:-/

7. I hate rain, but I LOVE to take baffs!

Thanks again fur the awards, I love all my furiends so much I will pass them on to anypup who wants 'em, BOL!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

I met Bijou and Banjo!!!

I got together wiff my blogging buddies Bijou and Banjo today! We met at the dogpark and had SO much fun!

This is Banjo. You will be seeing a lot of pictures of him because my mom is infatuated wiff him. I know he's super little and cute and all, but jeez mom...

Here I am securing the perimeter of the park. No need to thank me, just doing my job...

Here I am finding some super-crazy-interesting smell. Banjo had to come over and smell it too.

You know how when the Cool Kids are doing something, pretty soon everybody has to do it?

It's very important that I pee as much as possible at the park.

Banjo is studying my technique. The little dude is way off - he's lifting the wrong leg, BOL!
Watch and learn, little man...

Another shot of Banjo. Yeah, yeah. He's cute. Get over it, mom!

Pretty, pretty Bijou...

Banjo liked to lie on the picnic table, soaking up not only the sun, but the "Ooohs and Ahhhs" from every human who saw him.

He sure did like to run, though. I will admit that it was pretty fun to watch him:

Then him and Bijou started playing wiff an empty water bottle.

They were fascinated by it. I just stood and stared...

...trying to understand the appeal of dis plastic thing.

I was not alone...

After da park, we all went to lunch at Chipotle, cuz they be nice enough to allow doggies to sit outside wiff their humans. Group shot:

After lunch, we drove to a magical place that I thought existed only in myths and legends. But the legends were true! A bakery. For dogs!!!

Grrrrrnola Bars? Peanut Brindle? Banana Mutt Bread? Be still my heart!!!

Mom got me some treats and toys, and the nice lady there even gave us all a sample of cheesecake!!! I give that place 5 paws!

Then we walked around the shopping center for a while...

Then we went back to the park so B & B's mom could get her truck. We played for a little while longer. Mom wanted a picture wiff me and Banjo. Does this tiny little dude make me look fat? BOL! I'm used to being the little cute one!!! I look a little worried that mom is going to try to sneak him home wiff us...

When me and mom got home, she laid out my toys and bakery treats on the table.

I got real excited!!!

Mom let me have ONE cookie, and ONE squeaky furry ball, which I carried inside...

I had the BEST day! I luv Bijou and Banjo!!!

And you too, mom! Even if you did think Banjo was "sooooooo cute..!" BOL!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Nemesis...

This is My Nemesis. I think everydog should have a Nemesis, they are lots of fun to chase and bark at. I try and try to catch My Nemesis, but he is so evil that he always escapes me. One of these days I will catch My Nemesis but I'm afraid it is a losing battle because they magically reproduce themselves. Here is proof:

My mom took dis video last month. Look at all of them! About 10 seconds into the video one starts jumping all over like crazy, practicing it's evil taunting skills. That little twerp is asking for it! Of course mom thinks they are cute. Lame...

Dis picture shows me practicing opening my mouf REAL big for to catch My Nemesis.

I will keep trying to catch My Nemesis. It's a very important job to keep my mom and the rest of the world safe from their evil ways. Wish me luck!

Do any of you dawgs have a Nemesis? I'd love to hear about it...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heartbreak at the Dog Park

Her name was Lola. When she arrived, every other dawg stopped to stare. Can you blame them??? Look at those moves...

I know I'm neutered, but come on...!!!

She's running right towards me! Here I come, baby!!! (Look at my ears, BOL!)

No grrrrl can resist my smile, just ask mom!

There's no pictures of this part, bad mom! (She said we were too close. Whatever. I just wanted her to meet my mom...) but imagine us sniffing, circling and playing. That babe was all over me!!! It's because I are a Wonder Dog...

Wait a minute... where's she going???

Ummmm... excuse me???