Friday, July 24, 2009

In Which I Write a Poem About Thunder...

Ode to Thunder, by Cloud

Thunder, so loud.

Cloud, so scared.

I know I are a Wonder Dog,

But I want my mom.



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Woo are brave
Woo are strong
I'm sure the storm
Won't last too long


Two French Bulldogs said...

Cloud don't be scared. Mom said someone is bowling in heaven.
Lily & Benny

Stella said...

I'm with you, Cloud. I need my Mom when it starts Boomies and nothing anybody can SAY will make me feel different. Even my Mom says not to be scared, I don't listen to her, I just want her close. She don't have to talk.

Kisses and sympathy,

Martine said...


Dear pal we are sorry of your nasty mean thunder! Darn that thunder for scaring you! I wish I could trade you my deaf ears during the thunder.

xo sugar

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Khyra!!! BMTO!!!!
**Gives Khyra a standing ovation**

Lily and Benny, that's a good explanation, but those bowling balls can really hurt someone! Still scary!!!

Stella, you kin cuddle wiff me and maybe we won't be so scared then... :-) BOL!

Aw, Sugar... that is so sweet. Mom says I might still be scared, cuz where we live (on top of the highest hill around) the thunder is so loud it rattles everything, so I would feel it. But it might be worth a shot, BOL!


Scout and Freyja said...

Scout here. I think that your po-hum is grrrreat because I feel just like you do when there is thunder. I am going to have my momma write down your po-hum so I can read it when the thunder is here again.

Caroline said...

Dear Cloud
Lovely pic. I'm surprised your Mom managed to get such a candid shot! Here, when the heavens open and let loose the thunder gods who play with loud, crashing balls I, being of smaller 4 legs, scurry under my people's bed to hide and shiver!
P.S. Mum says you only chase
TIACAT and her Mum.

Caroline said...

oops forgot to add squirrels and rabbits, right?

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Cloud and Khyra are such wonderful poetry writers!!!


PS...Mommys are good for riding out storms with!

Checkers & Chess said...

sometimes storms are just no fun!

Taffy said...

Cloud, I'm sorry the storms scare you. I know your Mom will take good care of you and never let that nasty thunder hurt you.
Love and hugs,
PS: Khyra's poem is most excellent.

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Scout, I'm glad you like my poem. I hope it helps you find comfort during the next storm. :-)

Caroline, mom cheated and used an older photo. Mostly cuz she can't take good pictures when I'm on her lap, BOL! And I won't chase the Tiacat, I promise. :-)

Thanks Dory! :-)

Checkers and Twix, you are right - storms can be no fun. I am glad I have my mom for to cuddle wiff. In case she gets scared... BOL!


Bijou said...

Hi Cloud,

Sorry the thunder boomers visited you again. It makes us sad that you are bothered by the noise. We wish we could come play with you when it's storming so you wouldn't be afraid.

Wags & wiggles,
Bijou and Banjo

Cassie said...

Cloud I'm wif yu about doez nasty thunder boomers....nofing my momma sayz or doez makes me feel eny bedder when all dat is going on. She is going to copy your po-hum dough and see if it helps!


Astrid Keel said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry the horrible thunder rolls got you!

Thor and Jack said...

Great poem, Cloud! Storms aren´t fun!
love, Thor

Hailey said...

Dear Cloud. I loe your poem. I'm right there with you... I don't like thunder! I don't like earthquakes either. They both make my nerves rattle, shake and hum. Mommy is the bestest to have close by in these great times of need. She said it's the heaven dancing salsa again! I wish they would do the waltz!

Hugs n' smooches!

Hailey xoxo

Maxmom said...

There was a Dog named CLOUD
Who began to BARK OUT LOUD
The Squirrels looked OUT
The Bunnies were STOUT
But CLOUD was pawfully PROUD!

(Don't be scared of the thunder, does your job of chasing bunnies for you!)
Tons of licks