Thursday, July 23, 2009

I picked these flowers for mom. Really!

And she got mad at me! Mad! At ME!!! Can you believe it??? I was out in the yard doing Wonder Dog stuff, when all the sudden this demented little rabbit starts running in front of me. So I chase it. I HAS A PREY DRIVE AND CANNOT SHUT IT OFF AT WILL, people! The evil creature ran RIGHT THROUGH moms flowers! Well of course I did too, I mean come on, how else am I going to catch it! So I made the flowers become airborne wiff the blur of my superpowered feet, which when you think about it, was probably a special treat for them, since flowers can't fly, BOL!

Mom was all, "OH CLOUD!!!" Which I took to mean, "Oh Cloud, my Precious One. Flowers for me??? You shouldn't have..." But no, that's NOT what she meant at all. I thought it was really insensitive of her, actually! :-/

In my defense, look at what that vile creature did to moms Burning Bush. (BOL, it's a plant! Get your minds outta da gutter!) He destroyed it! One day it was fine, now it looks like dis!

It used to have leafs on it. LEAFS! Lots and lots of leafs! Those rabbits have hearts of darkness, same as squirrels! I must be ever vigilant, for to defend my mom.

So here I am sitting in the sun, pretending to "think about what I've done," BOL! Mom can only ever be mad at me for like, 2 seconds. Now she's saying how pretty the flowers look on the table. Of course they do mom, they're from me... :-)


Cassie said...

Dat ebil wabbit......but yur mom's flower bouquet is SOOOOO COULD she be mad at yu?

We hab dose ebil kreeshures heer, tu, but I'm alwayz on a leash wen I'm I don't get de joyz ob chasing dem wike yu.

Good boy Cloud!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I so khan see that happening!

Those wabbits are such trouble...

And the skhwirrels so make it even worse!

Nice flowers!


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

You are a very thoughtful puppy Cloud...taking care of your Mommy by keeping the rabbits at bay AND picking flowers for her....

I too will watch for rabbits, Monty Python even says there killers (at least that what Mommy says)!


Checkers & Chess said...

the flowers are lovely - rabbitts and squirrels are the reason no one ever lets me off the leash in the yard - puhleeeese - i'm just trying to protect them from these evil creatures - but nooooooo - i have to stay on the leash while these little monsters run free

Bijou said...

Hi Cloud,

Great job picking the flowers. Better luck next time catching that evil wabbit!

Mom says that is weird the burning bush would be eaten on this time of year. Ours get "pruned" in the winter.

Wags & wiggles,

Stella said...

What a sweetheart you are, Cloud!

Keeping your Mom's garden free of pests and picking flowers for her.

Good boy!


Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Cassie and Khyra, I'm glad you understand what happened and that you like my flowers! Thank you!

Yes Dory, I was just being thoughtful. OH, and I forgot about that Monty Python rabbit!!! **Shudders** Thanks fur the reminder, now maybe mom will be more understanding!

Checkers! That is a travesty that they run free while you are leashed. You should call a lawyer asap!

Bijou, that just goes to show you how crafty and wicked this rabbit is! Mom says she is going to try planting a chokeberry there, cuz they are pretty. I say maybe the rabbit will choke on it, BOL!

Thank you, Stella my dear! It's so nice to be appreciated for ones true motives...


Taffy said...

Flower garden? Who needs a flower garden? Sure, humans think they are pretty but you can't eat flowers! Bunnies? Yes, you can eat em! Tell your mom Twix said it was way more important to chase the food than keep those flowers in the garden!
Mom says the flowers are beautiful!
Love and hugs,

Martine said...


It doesn't matter how you go them to her... she's being silly!! They are beautiful and you are sweet!

xo Schugg-a-roo!!

Maxmom said...

Eish Cloud...
At least you don't have lizards in the garden! Our Tammy and you should get together with your pouncing and patrolling! Forget about being a "Cloud" - you guys will become hurricane's of note(mmm imagine a hurricane called Cloud :/)
By the way, you are the craziest, wackiest, spirited dog ever! We are mad about you!
Tons of licks, loves and haystacks.
Maxdog in South Africa

gtyyup said...

FUN!!! That's what Cindy Sue would say!

She can't stop when she's on the hunt either! I'm sure, deep down inside, your mom appreciates your efforts to rid her garden of the dang bunnies...she just doesn't want to admit it.

The flowers are beautiful...inside or outside!

Thor and Jack said...

Good job keeping the rabbits away and picking flowers for your mom!
Those flowers are very pretty!

Astrid Keel said...

Your mommy is not being super grateful for you scaring away the bunnies and picking the bootiful flowers!

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Twix, those are very good points!

Aw, thanks Shug!

Max! Buddy! I would LOVE to chase lizards, I wish I had them in my backyard! I don't like to be idle, bring on all the critters, I will chase and pounce to my hearts content! And I really like the sound of Hurricane Cloud... it sounds very impressive, BOL!

Thank you gtyyup and Thor, I'm glad you liked my choice of flowers!

Your right, Brownie, she really needs to work on that, BOL!