Thursday, February 4, 2010

The many faces of Boomer

Some of you may not know my sister kitteh Boomer, AKA The Queen of the Universe. She is 16 going on 17. Grouchy. No sense of humor. Always kicking me off mom's lap or bopping me on the head fur NO GOOD REASON!

(Some of you may bring up the fact dat I tried to hump Boomer last year. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was just trying to be "top dog.")

My mom says she is "Berry Bootiful," and "The Most Bootiful Girl in the World," and tells her every day! Me, I don't see it, but whatever, mom.

Here is Boomer finking about how much she loves me, BOL!!!

Ok, not really. She is probably finking about how much fun it is to walk on me when I'm under the covers and den bopping me when I stick my head out!

She really seems to love mom, though. She follows her around all the time.

If she didn't hiss at me and bop me when I try to play wiff her, I guess she'd be all right...

And here's a picture of me, just in case any dogs were traumatized by all those pictures of Boomer. BOL!

Cloud, still praying fur Max


Stella said...

Hello Dear Cloud,

Thanks for the pics of Boomer, she is a beawootiful cat.

Something you maybe don't know, is cats never forget anything. Like being humped by a little dog, or being chased around, or whatever happens to Boomer in your world. So if you are thinking you can tell her you are sorry, hah!, just forget it. She probably plans to live to at least 25 just so she can continue bopping you on the head. Makes you think twice about messing with a cat, doesn't it?

Yours truly,
Ali Zophia

Anonymous said...

BOL you say?? This is NOT a laughing matter my furrry suave neighbor to the north! I come here to see "The Adventures of Cloud the Wonder Dog!" I was more than traumatized by these cat pics... my heart rate slowed and my breathing became shallow. I thought I was kicking the proverbial bucket Cloud. Please reassure me that this will only happen rarely (if at all.)

P.S. I'm beginning to think that Ali Z really hates us dogs. I like to give her a hard time by continually asking her poo questions, but I think if I actually met her in person, I might be really scared.

JacksDad said...

Even though I'm not exactly excited about puppies of the feline persuasion, I must say that Boomer is pretty cool. And almost 17! That's amazing too!

You are a very good brother to let her walk on your head!!

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Cloud....sorry but Boomer outranks you in age and'll just have to let her maintain her title of Queen of the Universe. She is beautiful and reminds Mom a lot of her first cat Milky-Way. We have a new phrase for you, "If Boomer ain't happy ain't no body happy." Repeat that every morning when you wake up.
Madi and Mom

Martine said...

Hi Cloud,

I believe Miss Bailey can relate to your experience with your kitty... the hairless wonders, who call themselves kitties do all sorts of unimaginable things to Sweet Miss Bailey... they hang around her neck and do drive by swats at her. It's amazing she puts up with their antics!!

We can't believe your kitty is that old, she sure has aged gracefully!

xo martine & the kiddlets

Unknown said...

Thank you for the last photo. You were absolutely correct in your assumption. Yikes! Your Boomer is just like our katz! We get bopped, we get trampled on when we're under the covers (and then mom yells at US when we growl). Not fair!

Bijou said...

Hi Cloud,

Yep. Kitties are strange. And Mean.


Josie said...

Cloud, you really crack me up. I love it. LOL. Don't know why, but I get along with all my Pussycats. Although they aren't as old as Boomer. And I didn't try to "hump" them. LOL! My mom is still cracking up about that one. In fact, she might have peed in her pants a little..LOL...anyway...just say within paws distance and you'll be okay. Thanks for the last photo. You ARE the cutest. You do have the bestest ears, besides me, of course! Woof Woof!!!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I'm glad woo saved the post with that LAST pikhture!

PeeEssWoo: I did just have dinner so Boomer was safe!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh, that third pic of Boomer is something else. How did she get her name, seems like it should have been Bopper:)

we are still praying for Max, too. Hope is still there.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

kissa-bull said...

aww boomer is a cutie

Olive said...

Boomer is cute! You know I had told Madi the cat..I have never seen a cat in real life before! Wonder what that would be like...hmmm. I drooled the other day when I saw a squirrel...not sure why I drooled..but I did A LOT!

Licks to you Cloud!

Olive :)

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

That sure was nice of you Cloud, to share your bloggie wif Boomer today!

Woofs and Kisses!

Sagira said...

You and Boomer are both adorable.

Taffy said...

Hello Handsome! We are behind and trying to catch up....sorry we are late. Mom says she thinks Boomer is very pretty. I don't think that at all. I can tell by the look in her eyes she waits for the most opportune moment to bop you in the head.....cats are very sly!
Tell your Mom we luv her!

Scout and Freyja said...

Yesh, we know that it can be rough when the house has kitties in it. How would you yike to live at our place - we gots FOUR of those furry things that make all kinds of nice wif our momma just to make us look like slackers!☺