Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm pouting..!

I'm pouting cuz mom's been busy and she told me she won't have as much time to help me type. She says I can still post the Wednesday LOL, and we'll try to do at least one other blog post a week. Hmph! Doesn't she know my blog should come before ALL OTHER THINGS! All other things besides playtime and cuddle time and food time, anyway...

Mom says I'll be ok, and would I rather cut back on playtime??? Well, NOOOOO! but we feel bad when we can't read and comment on our furiends blogs every day. We will stop by and comment when we can, and I hope you will still come visit me. I love all the wonderful new furiends I've made through blogging. Mom loves it too, but she says it's getting hard to keep up with it everyday. But we'll still be around, I promise!

Much love,


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I think woo should get more treats fur that!

Khome on by my khorner when woo khan!

I'll think of woo each time I see a khloud!


JacksDad said...

Please tell your mom I know exactly how she feels! It's hard trying to find time to read all your friend's blogs AND play with the puppies!

Stella said...

Oh dear Cloud! Perhaps you could arrange to cuddle in your Mom's lap WHILE she is operating the computer and doing your blog stuff.
Its sort of like multi-tasking, Cloud.

Give it some thought.


Chris Wolfgang said...

This is toooooooo cute!

Maxmom said...

Awww Cloud
You look really cute in that photo! Mom says to tell your Mom to take a deep breath. This blogging is really time consuming and the humans do get carried away. Us pooches are the most important though, so tell her its ok. Your furfriends aren't going anywhere and we certainly will be here when you get back.
Remember...we really love your blog. Please don't stop posting.
Lots of licks


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Cloud better that you get some playtime, right???

Tell Mama to keep sharing her wonderful paintings with us!!


Cassie said...

Cwoud...we unnerstand....my mom duzn't bwog nearly enuff tu sute me, eder....but doze hoomanz seem to hab oder tingz tu du....dan just post fur uz pupperz. We wubz yur bwog...and diz wast pikshure is just tuuuuu kute! We will be checking in tu see wat yu'b been up tu eben wen yur mom can't post ebery day fur yu.


Hoover said...

Hey Cloud,

I feel your pain. My humans are bonkers too. I did manage to get on and give you an award today!

Hoover BPD

Thor and Jack said...

Hi Cloud!
I understand you. It´s so hard to keep up with all our furiends blogs! Moms are so busy sometimes! Don´t worry! Stop by my blog when you can and keep posting. We love your blog.


Taffy said...

Hey Cloud! I totally understand...me and Mom got very behind (I'm talking like we had over 400 posts to catch up on). I am like you loving all my new furiends but it is hard keeping up with everyone everyday. Please stop by my blog when you have time cause I have an award for you!

studio lolo said...

I found my way here through Carolines blog and what got my attention was the dog you're holding and his portrait behind you. Well, now I've read a bit about handsome Cloud and I'm thrilled that he's a Rat Terrier!
I live with Emma, a rescued (mostly Rat terrier) with a hint of Chihuahua for extra attitude. She's the love of my life. You'll often see her show up in art on my blog.
She destuffs a toy in a nanosecond after I remove the squeaker. Now e just looke for those already 'unstuffed' toys. That person must know terriers!

Anyway, your portraits are wonderful! I'm glad I stopped by.

Julia Guthrie said...

Yup...I know just how you feel Cloud. My Mum says the same fing...they just don't realise that WE have our fanz that we don't want to disapoint!! *huffs*

Love nimly xx

gtyyup said...

I know exactly how your mommy feels Cloud...don't worry too much...every one understands and many are in the same situation.

Ask for extra cookies and chewies though!