Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Visitors are still here!

Hi evfurryone! Well, my visitors are still here. Thank you guys fur all the kind words about grandma and grandpa. They are fine, although grandma did have to stay overnight in the hospital. Their trailer was totaled, I guess those things aren't meant to slide down the road on their sides, but they got to buy a new one and are loading it up before they go back on the road. So we still has the pets fur another day or so.

As you can see, I am furry well, and even more handsome. Hey Puddles, check out my muskles!

Oy is still furry cute, according to mom. She says he must be cute according to me too, because I have started humping him. Jeez, mom!! That's only to put the little twerp in his place and show him he's living in Cloud's World!

Boomer is still crazy, BOL. She is a ball of fire!

Here is a picture of her peeing, to get back at her fur all the times she's knocked me over and hit me in the eyes wiff her waggy tail, BOL!:

But we are getting along better. Here we are conspiring amongst the Hostas...

Our Boomer is doing dis right now. She's not crazy about the visitors and wants to hang out on mom's desk where they can't reach her. Miss Kitty is still living downstairs. Boomer HATES other cats, and is stressed and grouchy enough already, so mom thought it was best to keep her and Miss Kitty separate while she is here.

I wonder if I'll miss them when they're gone??

Well, that's all fur now.



3 doxies said...

Could you flex a little bit more fur me...da sun is in my eye...bwhahahaha...Okays I kid you...don't want to nobuddy to know my true feelings fur you.
Yes, you is looking mighty sauve.
I sorry you grandma had to stay da night in da hospital but luckily her okays.
You likes then doxies dontcha???


Remington said...

Sorry your Grandma had to stay in the hospital. I hope all is better for her. You certainly have a lot of company! Looks like fun!

My Mind's Eye said...

Oh Cloud...I hope and pray I never do anything like hit you in the face, or slap you silly 'cause, you dear Cloud, might snap a picture of me in my box...and that is not a pretty sight. MOL...Mom says I'm not a fastidious as my predecessor, Milky-Way,RIP, who evidently was THE BEST digger and cover upper ever!!!

Thank goodness your G-ma is a OK
I, Diva Cat, more fish to fry!!!

Oh Cloud do you think Oy got the message that he is living in Clouds world?

Speaking of guest human sister and her hubby are coming to visit this weekend. Their kitty Harley is coming with them....he has an appt at a special vet clinic up here to help figure out a problem he has (which BTW is not me). Harley doesn't travel well at all I haven't seen him in 3years...if you hear loud screeching from the South that will be Me, Madi.

My Mind's Eye said...

Ok of my sentences is misplaced....having more fish to fry refers to taking the time to cover up things properly in the box....
My typist might be looking for a new job Sooner than later.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

You look more and more handsome to us every time we see you, Cloud. Glad things are working out for the grandparents AND for all you and your visitors. Bet you will miss them once they are gone.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Barbara said...

Man Cloud, look at your muscles!! Woo, I feel faint!

Glad your g&g got a new trailer - I'll bet they like it!!

JacksDad said...

Oh no! Hosta conspiracies are the worst! :)

Julia Guthrie said...

Wow Cloud...I has been soooo lazy & not been to visit your blog...very norty of me!!

Looks like you has a house full! wow...I hope them uvver dogs arent stealing your bed & fings. When my Gran & Gramps come over they bring Furphy & Amber too...I says hello but gets in my bed & turn my back on them. Just so they know!!!

Hmmm... peeing on YOUR grass! You allow that?

Sending woofs & licks to your Grandma & Grandpa xxx
Love Nimly :)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

It is too bad I don't live khloser!

Khousin Merdie and I would love to khome by and liven things up even MORE!


Unknown said...

Looking good, as usual, Cloud!

I think the dog, Boomer is so cute and unique among us doxies! I bet it gets kinda confusing have two Boomers in da house, don't it!

Judging by da way you and dog Boomer are hanging round, I bet you will miss them more than you cares to admit!!


Sagira said...

Looks like you are enjoying your company. I bet you will miss them when they are gone. Glad your Grandma and Grandpa are okay.

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

You are certainly still very cute. I'm so glad that grandma and grandpa are OK. I guess you might miss some of your company when they're gone. I'll bet you go looking for around the house for a day or so. But I bet it'll be nice to get back to normal, too.

lotsa licks, Lola

houndstooth said...

Remind me to show you my muscles sometime, Cloud!

I have a feeling you're going to be really lonely when they all go home!


Stella said...

Hello Sir Cloud: My computer is still behaving poorly but right now it is letting me tell you I am glad things turned out well for your Grandparents! You are lucky to have Grandies who love pets! In my family, most people appreciate a clean house more than they do petz! Not my Mom of course, she loves me, but other people in our family is what I'm talkin' about.


Thor and Jack said...

I bet you will miss them, Cloud.

Unknown said...

You are sure gonna miss them.

Sounds like they're settling well into the family :)

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

You are doing a great job entertaining your guests, Cloud!!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

the booker man said...

mr. cloud!
i'm sorry it's been so longish since i've been by your bloggie, but me and asa and mama have all been travelin' lots over the past couple months.
anywho, i am way super sorry that your grammy and gramps got in an accident in their RV. that is very scary, and i am so relieved that they are okie dokie.
you are very much nice to let oy and miss boomer and miss kitty stay at your house while everythingie gets sorted out. i think you will miss them when they are gone, but i bet you will be glad to have your own routine back. :)

the booker man

Linda said...

Keep on peeing man, try sprinklin those hostas. Prince. :)

Valerie said...

I was told I needed to come pay you a visit. Wow you have a lot of friends. but then again you look like a super hero!!! Hope you can come to my blog and visit me. Happy Halloween!!

Olive said...

Happy Halloween Cloud!!

Tail Wags , Olive

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