Friday, January 6, 2012

Jus checkin' in...

Hello, evfurryone!!! I know it's been a furry long time since I last posted, almost a whole year! It's all mom's fault, of course. But we have been thinking about our blog furiends a lot lately. We've been saddened to learn of hardships and tragedies. Know that mom and I love you all furry much!

Dis is my favorite place to hang out most days. Years of laying on top of the sofa have squished the cushion down into a nice little nest fur me. Mom has long since given up trying to keep me off... I'm so determined, and it makes me so happy to sit up there and look out the window and guard our house. It's a furry important job!

In the winter, I get lots of blankets to keep me nice and warm. I like to burrow under them. I don't know why mom calls me a hamster when I do that..? She has no idea what I'd do to a hamster if I saw one!!!

Yesterday was furry nice and warm - 65 degrees here in Iowa! We went to one of our favorite places to go hiking!!

The pretties...




I was furry happy to go hiking wiff mom. I got to smell all kinds of wonderful things, including coyote poo. It was so exotic!!

Well, we just wanted to check in and say HELOO!! and let you know that we're doing fine. I doubt we'll be blogging here regularly, but we'll try not to go a whole year next time.

If anyone's so inclined, you can friend mom on facebook. It's a lot easier for her to keep up with stuff on facebook than on the blogs.

Happy Trails!!!

Cloud and his mom


3 doxies said...

Okays, I thought maybe you had approval on but I do sees I gots too excited now. I'll heres fur a little longers starring at yuor fotos okay


3 doxies said...

What in da lost my furst two comments? I give up.


Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

What??? They're gonnnnnneee! It's ok, Puddles, my love. Mom saw all the comments in her email. :-)

Bad Blogger, don't delete my furiends comments!!!

Stare into my eyyyes Puddles, they're hypnotic!


3 doxies said...

Yay furs email! Okays I stare nows!


Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not interrupting your little love fest with the wiener dog, but I gotta say Cloud you're lookin' mighty good. So far, this is the winter that wasn't, huh?

My Mind's Eye said...

Well Dang if Puddles isn't trying to leave a record # of comments today...evidently she is as HAPPPPPPPPPPY as I'm to see you and OMD Cloud you picked the best day ever to drop by...Mom's b-day is tomorrow. She said seeing your sweet face sent her floatin gon Clouds!! OF COURSE I told her I arranged for you to stop by so I get all the brownie points. MOL
HUGS to you and Boomer and of course your sweet mom
PS we LOVE your pictures...Iowa is a lovely place.
Hugs and purrs
From you BFFF,
Madi still the Diva Cat

My Mind's Eye said...

MOL Tank is such a funny fest with the weiner dog...Oh man that was funny.
Hugs Madi

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Wow, good to see you, Cloud. Great hiking fun for you and Mom. We can't get Mom to do FB, But it was nice to se eyou again. Hope you have a wonderful year!

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Hi Cloud!!!! We have missed you too!! Looks like you have been having a great time with your Mama and your blankies!!

We will try and get Mama to find your Mama on facebook!!

Dory (Jakey and Bilbo too!!)

Martine said...

Cloud, you are so handsome! Caps loves the top of the couch, especially to chew bones. Thankfully his 6 pounds doesn't mess up the cushions! xxxooo

Jo's World said...

Hey Cloud,

I was just thinking about you today! I only have two young boys to sass me these days, Bertie and Ludo, so I do sort of miss you.

Some bad guys hijacked my blog and Zoolatry and I are making a new one. I hope you stop by and see me.

Cheers and squirrels,


Sagira said...

Yes, please don't stay away 11 months next time. Geesh! haha.

Looks like you had a great time hiking.

Just sent your mom a friend request on Facebook.

Wyatt said...

Hi Cloud!
Your winter weather is like ours in Oregon this year! Roses are still blooming.

We like deer poop :D

Wyatt and Stanzie

Thor and Jack said...

Hi Cloud. Glad to see you! You´re looking great, man! What a fun time hiking! We hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Thor and Jack

My Mind's Eye said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Mom, Dad and Boomer.
Hugs from your BFFF,

Bijou said...

Hi Cloud!

My gosh you've been away from blogging almost as along as us. We have missed you! I will have mom go to that other place you said and look for your mom there. Hope to hear from you soon!

Bijou and Banjo

World of Animals, Inc said...

What a lovely trail to walk all the time. Plenty of warm blankets for you during the winter colder days. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.
World of Animals